Panda Global Protection 2009

Panda Global Protection 2009

Protect Your Online World with Panda Global Protection

Panda Global Protection 2009 2.0 provides a comprehensive protection against viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, malware, hackers, spam, identity theft, etc. It can also offer personal firewall against unauthorized access from and to the Internet, back up our files, most important if there is a sudden computer crash due to damage, lost and theft. It can optimize our system, etc. By using the TruePrevent Technologies we get double protection as it detects not only the known threats but the unknown ones as well. We can download it from the developer’s website and test it for free for a 30-day period. During its easy and quick installation we have to remove any trace of any antivirus software we may have and reinitiate the system, otherwise the program will not finish its installation, at this stage we can select to scan the memory and/or hard drive. The main window shows our computer status with either green or red colored issues, the red or critical ones affect our security and needs urgent attention. After scanning the program will automatically remove any infection detected or put them into quarantine. We can see the statistics, get automatic daily updates against new menaces, get web and email technical support online and via e-mail, receive virus information, share with the company the suspicious items, etc.

Review summary


  • Available in several languages
  • Free downloadble trial version
  • Friendly user's interface
  • Web and Mail Tech Support
  • Daily Updates


  • Before installing this program, we must uninstall any other antivirus we may have
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